At ZEASN, we take security and privacy seriously. When you find a problem, even a security problem, please be sure to report it to us. 

To report a security issue, use one of the following options: To report a security vulnerability on ZEASN Retail services or products: Submit the details of your findings through the web form.

If you think you may have been contacted by a fraudulent source offering employment on behalf of ZEASN, send an email to:

If you think you may have received a suspicious or fraudulent correspondence claiming to be from ZEASN, we recommend that you report it. Visit Report Suspicious Emails, Phone Calls, Text Messages, or Webpages for more information. For tips to determine whether a communication you received is from ZEASN, visit Identifying Whether an Email, Phone Call, Text Message, or Webpage is from ZEASN.


The proof of concept is the most important part of your report submission. Clear, reproducible steps will help us validate this issue as quickly as possible.

A clear and concise title includes the type of vulnerability and the impacted asset.

Description *
What is the vulnerability? In clear steps, how do you reproduce it? 

Impact *
What security impact could an attacker achieve?

Attachment or video proof
Please fill in the url of the attachment or video proof here;

About video proof of concepts
Video proof of concepts are a great tool to provide evidence of a security vulnerability. It can also improve the clarity of your report if you're struggling to describe the vulnerability. However, please note that a video proof of concept should not replace a written report. This functionality is designed to enhance the reporting experience. Excessive use may result in additional report rate limiting.

Enter your email to receive updates on the status of your submission. If you want to stay anonymous you can leave this field blank.

Discovery details
Additional information about the discovery of the vulnerability you're reporting.

Time spent
Help us understand how long it took you to find this vulnerability.

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